Sunday, February 12, 2012

Day 100

Today is Day 100 since my stem cell transplant and I see it as a milestone. Earlier this week, it seemed like I turned a corner or  walked through a portal. For the last several months, my reality has been all about stem cell transplant and recovery. This week seemed different, as if a veil had been lifted and I was back in my normal world – well almost normal. I feel better both physically and mentally and my outlook is very positive. I don’t know how long I have until this disease flares up again, but right now I feel like it is off in the future sometime and far off – I hope. I am feeling well and very happy to be on Day 100 of my transplant. My recent bone marrow biopsy and MRI turned out pretty well. The results showed that I am not in complete remission because there are a small number of cancer cells left. My oncologist said that without modern technology, they wouldn’t have been able to count them because the number was so small. However, I was disappointed that there were ANY cells left.

Today was the first day of my maintenance treatment of velcade and it went well. I also had my zometa (bone strengthener) infusion. I won’t have that one again until Day 1 of the second cycle. The cycle is velcade once a week for four weeks and then one week off. There will be six cycles and these treatments will be done at Providence Cancer Partnership in Everett. I had blood work today and my white blood count had gone back up after going down the last couple of times. This made me very happy!

In the middle of the mind storm, 
optimism reigns.
                                                     - First line of my daily horoscope
I don’t have a lot of “mind storms” but there are some days when I think too much about my disease and have dark thoughts about my future. This quote will be a good one to keep in mind and refer to when I am feeling down.

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