Monday, May 14, 2012

“No Drama” Continues

Last Thursday, I had my monthly appointment with my oncologist and I had my Zometa infusion.  WBC and RBC were up slightly and Kappa and Lambda light chains from last month were in the normal range.  The best part was that my doctor said there is nothing that he is worried about.  So, that means I am not going to worry until my next appointment in June!  No drama . . . 

There is a Livestrong exercise program at the YMCA and it is in conjunction with Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.  I have been planning to begin the next twelve week session in June. However, when I received information in the mail today,  I was disappointed to see that being diagnosed with multiple myeloma appears to disqualify  me from the program.  It is the only cancer listed as a disqualifier and I am sure that is because multiple myeloma affects the bones.  I called the coordinator to see if that disqualification was cast in concrete or if they made exceptions.  I explained that I have had no bone issues since I was diagnosed.  She said she will check with Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.  They have all my records since it was their medical team that treated me during my stem cell transplant.  I do hope I can begin this program. 

Their tag line is:  
 Livestrong at the YMCA – Exercise and Thrive 

In my post entitled, Start Walking CL, I set some goals to inspire me to get back into my walking routine: 

Goal #1:   Walk for 20 minutes 3 times a week.
Goal #2:   After two weeks, increase number of   
                walks to 4 times a week.

I happy to report that I am accomplishing those goals and I know it is because I put them out there for you to read and I feel obligated to be successful!  Thank you for being a reader and helping to keep my feet to the fire!

Update on The Fledgling  

While I haven’t seen my little fledgling again, I can report that the mother bird has begun nesting again.  At first, she tried to build a nest in a different part of the wisteria.  She wasn’t finding much success, so she has started refurbishing the old nest.  This morning while I was having breakfast on the porch, she was coming and going with nest building materials and working on the nest.  I tried very hard, without success, to get a picture of her with her beak full of grass and straw and twigs.  All of this activity took place about five or six feet from where I was having my breakfast.   It was another one of those small moments that are to be treasured.

Mother's Day

Yesterday, my daughter made me a lovely breakfast for Mother’s Day and we enjoyed it on the porch surrounded by the fragrant wisteria. Another small moment to treasure. 

Here I am enjoying toast, coffee and a perfect soft boiled egg in a beautiful egg cup:

This has been a week of No Drama and I love it.


  1. hello carole,

    i was so glad to read this post and see your photo on mother's day, enjoying your special breakfast - boy, you look f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s!!! and i so admire all the determination you have to not worry, but just enjoy life and all it's simple pleasures and gifts.

    i wonder about that exclusion of myeloma patients in the exercise program - sounds as though they might have had an "incident"? anyway, with your mettle, even if it doesn't work out for you, i bet something even better will present itself.

    warm hugs,


    1. Thank you Karen! I do have my worrying days, but I am pretty good about tucking MM away in the back of my brain. I think it is because there is "no drama" right now and I am in remission. I know it can all change on a dime, but for now I am not worrying too much. Enjoying the simple pleasures and gifts is a good plan.

      Warm hugs to you,
      Carole Leigh

  2. Carole Leigh - I am so excited to now have your blog address and will go back and eventually read of your whole journey. I know parts of it but how nice you have recorded it here for friends and those who have become friends because of their MM journeys.

    I signed up to "follow" and also to get notices when you post a new entry.
    I am IN the family now.

    I pray you can get a waiver so you can go to that exercise program. With your fine medical team and no bone issues, it seems they will see to it to give you a pass to get in!

    Hugs -

    1. Welcome to my blog, Lynn. I'll be following your blog,too. I am so thankful that we have been able to reconnect through Alpha Delta Kappa! What a gift that organization has been for us.
      Carole Leigh