Thursday, February 16, 2012

In Real Time

This title indicates right nowUp to this point, Compelled CLarity has consisted of entries from my journal beginning in October of 2010.  Occasionally, I have felt like adding things to this blog that are happening right nowSo, in the future, when you visit my blog and see the title In Real Time, you will know that what I've written, is about right now.

Today, I have my monthly appointment with my oncologist.  I will have blood work done and a zometa infusion as well.  Even if I am feeling well, these appointments worry me.  One never knows when the news won't be good.  It could be today, next month, next year or many years from now.   I am sure that all cancer patients go through this.  Even if we are positive, glass half full people, there is always that little voice of doubt in our heads that maybe this will be the day the news won't be so good.  Will  this ever change?  I'm not sure, but as long as there is no cure for multiple myeloma, the worry will always be there for me. 

In Real Time . . . Updated 

My appointment went very well.  My white blood count was normal for the first time since I was diagnosed.  It was at the bottom of the normal range, but I'll take it!  My kappa and lambda light chains are behaving themselves and staying in the normal range.  The way I see it, I have a whole month before I have to start worrying again and in my MM world a whole month sounds good to me.  

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