Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Carrying on With Recovery

It has been quite a long time since I have added anything to this journal. Maybe that is because I have been feeling well and my life seems pretty normal right now.   I have completed my third cycle of velcade maintenance and have three more to go. My blood counts continue to go up and down and my platelet count always goes down, down, down during the four weeks of velcade. When I have the fifth week off and go two weeks between the velcade infusions, my platelet count goes up. My oncologist said that as long as I am on this maintenance program, my counts will continue to fluctuate. 

Six Month Anniversary

On June 29, I celebrated my six months anniversary from transplant and that seemed like a big milestone. As I was going through transplant and the early weeks that followed my release from Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, I didn’t think I would ever get to this point. Now, I am moving toward seven months!

We Were Robbed!

In June, we went to Yakima for a weekend getaway and visited several  of the numerous wineries in the area. Washington State is the number two wine producer in the United States.  We had a great time and were planning to go to Leavenworth for some sightseeing, but on the way there our son called to say that our house had been broken into. The thieves stole our LED flat screen TV off the wall in our bedroom and they stole some jewelry. They also stole both laptops, so that is another reason I haven’t been writing in this journal until now.  It was an upsetting end to a lovely and relaxing weekend.  

Fortunately, I had recently purchased Carbonite which is an online backup system and I was able to retrieve all my files including this journal.

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