Monday, February 13, 2012

White Blood Counts . . . Up and Down

Every time I go in for blood work and see the doctor I worry.  Last Thursday, my blood count had gone up so I was happy. I wonder when it will ever quit going up and down. It is always such a disappointment when the numbers have dropped. My WBC was 3300 last week, up from 2900 the week before. However, I looked back at some of my old blood work records and found one from 2007, three years before I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, and my WBC was 3300 then. Maybe I am prone to a lower WBC.

I have been feeling quite well and, mentally, I have had a very good attitude. It is almost like I think I can beat this cancer even though I know it is incurable and will flare up again in the future. I guess my thinking is, it probably isn’t going to flare up right now, so, I feel I am almost my normal self again.  Did I mention that I am a "glass half full" girl?

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