Saturday, March 3, 2012

In Real Time: My "Puny" Immune System

While I am happy to say I am still in remission, my immune system, following the stem cell transplant, is still weak.  Since February 7th, I have had back to back colds.  The most difficult part has been running a fever and the incessant coughing which was much worse with the second cold. Today, is the first day that I have felt I might be turning the corner.  Maybe the azithromycin my oncologist prescribed is beginning to work.  At any rate, it has been a long three and a half weeks. 

My IgA, IgG and IgM Serum levels are all well below the bottom of the  normal range which indicate a "puny" immune system as my oncologist  says.  When I completely recover from this latest cold, I plan on keeping myself pretty isolated, at least, until cold and flu season are over.   Because I have been feeling quite well for several months, I know I have been over confident in my ability to fight illness.  I think I will dial back that confidence.

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