Monday, March 12, 2012


The last post, “Thoughts Revisited” was the last entry from my journal which has been the content of Compelled Clarity to date.  Going forward all posts will be in real time.

Longevity is in my genes.  All four of my grandparents lived into their eighties and my dad lived to be 92.  My dad was one of seven children.  Four of the seven lived into their nineties, one to age 87 and one until age 79.  The youngest brother died of cancer at age 18 nearly seventy years ago. My mother just turned 93 and two of her three sisters lived into their eighties.  Her oldest sister died of multiple myeloma  (yes, multiple myeloma) at age 59.  So, with the exception of my dad’s youngest brother and my mom’s oldest sister, longevity has been prevalent.

I have always felt fortunate that longevity was part of my genetic history and it seemed likely I would live a long life.  When I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma just after turning 64, I felt like the rug had been pulled right out from under me and I knew that thoughts about my future would never be the same.  It has taken me a very long time to understand and accept the fact that the longevity that my family has enjoyed will probably not be in my future.

Playing the devil’s advocate, my  daughter  suggests  that I think about the possibility that my family history of longevity may well be an asset in my battle with multiple myeloma.  Food  for thought . . .

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